Seminars 2017


Date Location Speaker/Title
Sept 22 Seminar room K3, Blokk B, Biologen, 10:30 PhD Trial Lecture - Jean-Marie Bouquet
Climate-driven species re-distributions and their potential impact(s) on polar marine food webs
Sept 22 MBI seminar room, 13:30 Guest Speaker - Henrik Bringmann, Group Leader
Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry
Control and regenerative functions of sleep
Sept 27 Sars seminar room, 10:00 Researcher candidate - Oleg Tolstenkov
Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Scienses, Goethe University, Frankfurt
Enlighten the worm crawling: Optogenetic dissection of neuronal circuit controlling locomotion in C. elegans
Sept 29 MBI seminar room, 13:30 Guest Speaker - Jan Huisken
Director of Morgridge Medical Engineering
Morgridge Institute for Research, Wisconsin
Quantifying embryonic development with a smart and gentle light sheet microscope

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